5 Tips For Using Social Media To Increase Fundraising Sales

Social media is the perfect platform for increasing fundraising sales. Its real power comes through engaging a wider audience that, until now, was not easily reached. Using social media to create a fundraising campaign that people can feel good about is actually quite simple to do. A small investment of time spent on implementing creative fundraising ideas can result in big returns.

Research has shown that people are very open to fundraising campaigns conducted through social media, with Millennials in particular preferring it as a way to learn about nonprofit organizations and causes.

Social Fundraising Is Hot!

Some quick statistics: over 55% of the entire American population uses Facebook, and Twitter has over 66 million users. Based on those two stats alone, it’s safe to assume that a large segment of your supporters are using social media. Studies have shown that cause participants who use social media communicate with their networks more frequently and send out more messages, which results in increased fundraising sales by up to 40%.

Here are 5 simple fundraising ideas using social media that you can try for your next campaign:

  • Hold a Facebook fundraising sale. Use the Facebook Marketplace app to sell items through “Selling for a Cause.” Then advertise your sale through your own Facebook page and other social media sites, highlighting who the proceeds will help.
  • Utilize peer influence. Have participants encourage friends, family and co-workers to donate through status updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to have them include a link to your personal fundraising web page each time they send out notices.
  • Harness the storytelling power of YouTube, Facebook Video and Twitter’s Periscope. Record a personal message or, better yet, produce a short video which highlights your cause and lets people know how they can get involved or donate.
  • Encourage teamwork. Create a team fan page on Facebook to build fundraising teams and recruit new participants. Upload photos, post links and publicize team events.
  • Share and share alike. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are three great social media tools, but don’t forget about giving your participants access to other sites like Pinterest, Instagram and more. The easiest way to do this is by adding Share This buttons to your fundraising page.

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The overriding theme that ties these tips together is how social media helps to create a family of like-minded, caring people who are eager to help your organization succeed in its fundraising efforts. Use some or all of these techniques to help create your own perfect social media storm for your next fundraising campaign. When you show others how easy it is to get involved - and how your own organization shows up every day - the world at large tends to get behind you. If you’d like to see how SaveAround can help your organization’s next fundraiser, contact us today to learn more – we look forward to hearing from you!