A Day In The Life Of A SaveAround Customer


With a SaveAround coupon book, it’s easy to save a bunch of money while enjoying everyday activities.

Today we’re going to look at a day in the life of the Porter family, a family of four. The family bought a SaveAround coupon book from the kids down the street who were fundraising for their school’s soccer team.

This weekend, they brought their coupon book along with them to spend a Saturday running errands and having fun in their hometown.

Breakfast At A Local Diner

Although they first bought the SaveAround book to support their neighbor’s soccer fundraiser, they were surprised to find one of their favorite diners in the book. They hadn’t been to it in some time. 

Given that this diner is a bit of a hidden gem in their hometown, it’s not exactly well-known. And as a small Mom & Pop store, they’re certainly not advertising like a chain restaurant would. Yet, here they were in the SaveAround book, a fact that gave the Porter family the perfect excuse to revisit it. 

His two young boys enjoyed their pancakes while he and his wife ordered omelettes and homefries. They tore the coupon out of their SaveAround book, and presented it with their credit card as they paid the bill. The coupon was for 25% off of their bill of $40 so they saved $10 just like that. Nice way to start the morning!

Savings: 25% off $40 = $10

Grocery Shopping

Next was one of their regular shopping destinations, their weekly trip for groceries. This store was part of a chain, so the Porter family was pleasantly surprised to find offers available for it. 

They already spend a few hundred dollars a month between a couple of different grocery stores in the area, so having a coupon for this particular grocery store would not only save them money but made them a little more apt to shop at this store versus other stores.

This coupon was for $5 off and was redeemed without a hitch just like it had been at the diner. Just by remembering their book, the Porter family saved $5 off their grocery bill for the week, with no extra hassle or loopholes. Pretty neat!

Savings: $5 off of $75 = $5

An Afternoon At The Science Museum

With their chores out of the way, they had enough time to go to the Museum they had been meaning to go to for a while. Mrs. Porter noticed that while the museum was not in the printed book, it did show up in the SaveAround app on her Smartphone. 

So when it came time to pay, she presented her phone to the museum cashier, who verified the deal on the screen as they would any other coupon. The deal was for BOGO admission ($20) so Mrs. Porter got in for free. The  Porter family was on their way to explore the museum.

Savings: BOGO Museum Admission, $20

A Car Wash On The Way Home

Driving home they saw a sign for a car wash. Despite living in the area, they had never been before. Regardless, they found it in the coupon book and tore out the paper coupon to pass to the car wash attendant. He scanned the paper coupon and said they were eligible for a free upgrade from a Premium car wash to a Deluxe wash with a free waxing which saved then $5. Another pleasant surprise. 

Impressed with how fast the car wash was and how nice their car looked, the Porter family made a mental note to come here next time their car was dirty.

After a long day, the Porter family headed home to play board games together.

Savings: Upgraded Deluxe Car Wash, $5

Time For Dinner

After relaxing for a few hours the Porter family decided to go out to dinner at a new Italian restaurant that had just opened up down the street. Sure enough there was a SaveAround coupon for BOGO children’s meals.

One of their sons ate free of charge, saving them $15. The meal was great and the additional savings convinced the Porters that they’d definitely return.

Savings: BOGO Child’s Meal, $15

Pit Stop For Ice Cream!

On the way home, the kids saw a new ice cream shop through the window. The parents remarked that they hadn’t seen it before, and it must be new in town. Despite that, Mrs. Porter looked in the SaveAround book and it was a regional chain that has other shops in the area.

Sure enough, the new location was printed on the coupon, and the kids cones were free with the purchase of the adult cones.

Expected savings: Two Kids Cones Free, $4

One Book, Endless Possibilities

The story of the Porter families’ Saturday outing is not all that uncommon! As you can see, in just one day they saved enough money to pay for the cost of the book and then some. Because each book is valid for more than a year, they’ll continue to save as they explore other local businesses.

With the SaveAround book, it’s easy to save. And because each book includes a code for our complimentary mobile app, you can save wherever you go.

With deals customized for over 110+ different cities, bring a SaveAround coupon book with you this weekend, too!

From restaurants to recreation and retail, check out SaveAround and start saving in your hometown!

Total Daily Savings: $59

*The above scenario was created for this article. Specific deals, savings and merchant locations in your area are based on the geographic area and your particular edition*