A Fundraiser That Sells Itself

At SaveAround we help a wide variety of organizations achieve their fundraising goals. The way we do it? By offering an irresistibly unique fundraiser with high profit margins.

From schools to sports teams to church groups to community organizations, we work with groups of all demographics to help them earn the money they need to accomplish their goals.

How are we able to serve such a diverse set of groups? Simple: by customizing our offerings for every situation. Here’s how it works.

When a school in Georgia wants to fundraise with us, we find what area they’re located in. If a school is in Savannah, Georgia then we go there and partner with local businesses in that area. Then, we build a book of promotions and offers, fine-tuned to be of great value to any Savannah resident. We’ve spent years building this small business network. At this point the work is already done – just flip through our books and you’ll see why they sell themselves. Best of all, this works for almost any region in the US. (Find your local area  – take a look for yourself!)

The $25 book contains thousands of dollars of value. It can easily pay for itself in just a few visits. Those who have been fundraising with us for years know that offering a worthwhile product is the easiest way to fundraise. Those parents who learn about the fundraiser often end up buying a book for their own personal use.

When you change fundraising into a value-creating activity, people are more than willing to participate. It’s easy if you leave behind the overpriced popcorn and snowglobes and instead offer something that continues to offer value throughout the entire year.

We routinely hear back from groups that someone was able to sell five books just leaving their sample copy and order form in the office for an afternoon. Many families buy their books from the same fundraising organization year after year, to their benefit. And while our coupon books are a fantastic value and our flagship product, you can easily alternate between our other fundraisers: quality cookie dough, first-aid kits, and custom apparel. You can start a meaningful tradition by offering valuable fundraising solutions.

What this means for your group is they don’t have to sell door to door. We want you to have as seamless of an experience as possible.

While the sample books and order form make ordering in person a breeze, we also provide you a unique url so your supporters can purchase online and still benefit your organization.

We are located in more than 170 markets across the nation, each with their own local savings and deals. Which means if your relatives across the country want to buy a book, they can open it up to find deals for their favorite local businesses, no matter where they live. That’s something to be proud of.