Choosing The Best Fundraising Images To Post On Social Media

What is the first thing you notice when you're looking online (yes, or even printed material). It's the image. The old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" still holds true today - now it's primarily in a digital format. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - they are all important ways to get information out to potential customers. In order to promote your fundraising efforts successfully, you need to choose the right images. Effective images can make or break the success of fundraising. It's important for your images to promote your cause and the product or activities that are included in your fundraiser. 

Choosing the right image for your fundraiser

So, if you have an upcoming fundraiser - how do you choose the image that will draw people to your cause? There are three simple rules to keep your images in line with your fundraising.

  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it relatable
  • Stick to the truth

Keep it simple. One of the most important parts of putting an advertising image on your social media site is to make it clean. Keep it simple. If you overwhelm the image with too many images, you've lost your viewers before you even have them. Make your image clean and easily understood. Less is more in some cases - and certainly true in advertising images. When you are actively fundraising, you want your customers to readily understand who you are, what your group does and what you're selling. Images done professionally are always the best - but, If you plan to use your own images, make sure that they are high resolution, clear and crisp.

Your image needs to be relatable. Whatever your fundraising activities are - your customers must be able to relate to the images you choose. For instance, if you are selling ice cream, you might not have your focus group be Alaskans in the winter. That may be a little far-fetched, but you get the idea. Your customers and the product need to have a commonality. Customers want to see what their purchase looks like. 

Your image must be true to your fundraiser. Have you ever purchased something by looking at the image - received it and see that it looks nothing like what was advertised? Most of us can relate to that. When you choose your images, always be true to what it is you're selling. Your customers will become loyal to your efforts if they can trust you to give them what they think they have purchased. Also, your images need to have something to do with your fundraiser - no random shots to get attention. You may get attention, but most likely your potential customers will pass right on by. 

How to find the best images

Your best bet for locating the perfect images for  fundraising efforts are with the company you are working with. They are usually happy to share the images that will give your fundraising advertising a more polished and professional look.  

Take your time, choose wisely and ask for opinions on which images would be best for your group and your fundraiser.