“Coupons That Care”™: What Does It Mean?

“Coupons That Care”  is an idea that we’ve been developing for a long time now. Internally, as a company we firmly believe in the value that our product brings to consumers, fundraising groups and local businesses. But before we developed the “Coupons That Care” mantra, we didn’t have a simple yet powerful way to sum up our impact. Now we do, and that’s how “Coupons That Care” was born.

So what does “Coupons That Care” mean? Connecting merchants and businesses to customers and fundraising groups, and supporting positive change in local economies.  Our platform expands coupons beyond discounts, it allows businesses to create loyal customers and help fundraising groups and businesses achieve their goals. It’s simple, our coupons may only present themselves as pieces of paper or images on a mobile device, but the significance that they have on entire communities is astounding.

For fundraising groups

Each year we work with 10,000+ fundraising groups who collectively raise $15 million annually. Our coupons help fund class trips, purchase new uniforms and fund thousands of other projects and activities. Our coupons help make dreams become realities. By successfully assisting these groups with their fundraising efforts we’re truly showing that we have “Coupons That Care”.

For local merchants

We work with more than 250,000 local, regional and national business locations all over the country. They exemplify what “Coupons That Care” means. By partnering with SaveAround they are helping to create a product and vehicle for local fundraising groups to raise valuable funds. Yes, they see an economic benefit through increased traffic, but their real impact lies in there inherent support of their local community groups. Local businesses are the lifeblood of any community and we’re so proud of all of the merchants we work with who truly want to see their hometowns and residents thrive.

For consumers

We reach 5+ million loyal customers annually across the US and Canada. Their support of our product directly helps support teams, organizations, clubs and schools in your community raise the valuable funds they needs to succeed. Additionally, each time they use a SaveAround coupon they’re showing that local business that they care about them and want them to flourish. We have the best customers in the world who truly care about their communities! And in the last 12 months we’ve helped them save over $85 million dollars!

For our team

“Coupons That Care” is now a phrase that all of our employees have bought into. As a team, we’re dedicated to coming to work each and every day to ensure that our product continues to help all of the amazing groups and local businesses across the entire United States. We won’t stop at being a “good company”, we’re here to be a great an unyielding supporter and fan for all of our customers and partner businesses.

“Coupons That Care” might be a simple slogan. But it's a slogan with an impact meaningful to millions of people in communities all across America.

Thank you for your support of SaveAround and “Coupons That Care”!