Drowning In Sports Fundraising Ideas? Take This Coupon Book Lifesaver!

Deciding on what type of fundraiser you should tackle can make you feel like you're swimming in a sea of sports fundraising ideas. If you have had any experience in fundraising, you know that some fundraisers are more successful than others - and some can create nightmares that you never thought existed. 

The good - the bad - the ugly

There are many fundraising ideas that are successful. Hosting a golf tournament or silent auction can rake in the bucks - if you have the right group to make it work. Then there are the cookie dough sales. This too, can make money for your sports team. With this fundraiser it's important that your participants understand that they must keep the product frozen to prevent it from spoiling - or worse, to keep their customers from getting food poisoning. 

If you're drowning in the many sports fundraising ideas, you're not alone. There is a lot of pressure on those who are in charge of fundraisers to make the correct choice. Oftentimes they don't have the support they need to make decisions and may be under the spell of a high pressure fundraising sales person. Don't let someone take advantage of your good nature by persuading you into a fundraiser that is difficult to manage or one that is over-used. Over-used fundraisers make it hard for your participants to find supporters. 

Fundraisers specific to sports

There are many fundraisers that are specific to sports that you might try - depending on the number of participants. 

  • Hoopfest
  • Homerun derby
  • Track and field exercises
  • Soccer goal kicks

You name it - every sport has them. They can be successful but time consuming and weather dependent. These types of fundraisers are fun for the kids but labor intensive and sometimes difficult to raise the support you need to make the type of money required to meet your goals. 

Coupon book fundraisers

The #1 fundraiser in the U.S. is coupon books. There are several common sense reasons that make coupon book fundraisers so successful. 

  • Easy to manage
  • Win-win for businesses and non-profits
  • Easy to sell

When your group decides that coupon book sales is the fundraiser right for you - you have chosen wisely. One of the biggest advantages with coupon book sales is that the fundraiser is easy to manage. The books are sold on consignment, there is no mess involved with coupon book sales and no complicated order forms. The books are sold. Period. And, your group can make up to 50% profit. 

Coupon books are easy to sell because of the local and national brands featured in each book. Merchants and businesses receive free advertising when they place a discount coupon ad in the fundraising book. Their business will prosper while helping local non-profit groups. It's a win-win situation for businesses, buyers - and your sports group. 

When your sports team sells coupon books for their next fundraiser, your customers will receive something of use for their money. You won't have to feel like your friends and family are just making a donation to your sports group. They will appreciate the discounts they receive when they purchase one of your discount books.

Don't continue to drown in the many sports fundraising ideas. Choose a coupon book fundraiser and join the ranks of non-profit groups who have successfully met their fundraising goals with coupon book sales. It's easy, fun and profitable.