Free, no-strings advertising? Sounds too good to be true

Do you know a business, restaurant, or service that could benefit from more traffic and visibility? How about a cost-effective method of increasing sales? We can help you accomplish both of these goals — at no cost to you.

Here at SaveAround we build and maintain coupon books for over 170 different markets (thousands of cities and towns) across North America. That means each book is different, and full of local deals and promotions for businesses just like yours. We distribute primarily through our network of fundraising groups, meaning millions of our books end up in the hands of parents, grandparents, supporters of the local sports teams, and community organizers each and every year. Putting your business in our book is a great way to reach all of these people and establish yourself in your local community.

Our business model is pretty simple, yet has already been proven for over four decades. Everyone involved in our process wins. Schools and sports teams earn money fundraising. Consumers who buy the books save money and get to try great businesses near them that they might not otherwise find. And you, our merchants in the book, get free advertising, foot traffic, and a marked increase in consumer spending patterns.

Sounds great! But let’s quickly address two questions that merchants often ask:

  • First, does this cost my business anything to be in the book? Never. No one pays to be in our books. This isn’t the case with other companies, but it’s always been true for us here at SaveAround.
  • Second, won’t all these coupons cause trouble for my business? Our time and experience with thousands of merchants over the years has proven this simply isn’t the case. Offering a decent coupon, say, a buy-one-get-one free entree, attracts huge numbers of customers who often come back. Especially for newer or more niche businesses, finding and retaining new customers is a difficult and expensive endeavor. Offering a quality coupon to get people in the door is a great way to show your wares and earn a repeat customer — we see it time and time again.

To get started in our book and/or mobile app, contact our merchant relations team through filling out the form here. We’ll reach out and help you plan your offerings, confirm your locations, and get you started in our next yearly coupon book!