Get Your Business In Front Of Millions With Free Advertising

Marketing a business is one of the toughest things for small businesses (or even large ones). A marketing budget can eat a huge hole in your overall financial plan, and some methods give you a low return on your investment. When you have the opportunity for advertising that offers a big outreach and low cost, you need to take it. A tried and true way to reach a large amount of previous and new customers is to advertise free of charge in fundraising coupon books or discount cards. 

Bright and shiny free advertising

If you haven't seen a fundraising coupon book lately, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Their professional look and bright colors will showcase your business in the way that will encourage current customers to re-visit your business, and bring new customers through your door. It is as easy as submitting your logo, business and discount information - the rest is done for you. Before anything goes to print, you will have a final review. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the traffic through your doors. 

Customers usually buy more when they have a discount

When a customer comes into a business with the idea they are going to receive a discount, a funny thing happens. The majority of the time they will spend more than the amount of the discount, or they will purchase other items. Most often, customers will spend more than the amount of the discount and your business won't even notice the discount that was given. 

The advantages don't stop with the discount coupon

The people in your community appreciate businesses who support their local non-profit organizations. When your name is listed at the front of a fundraising coupon book, your business will immediately be associated as one that supports and helps your neighborhood sports teams, school activities or other non-profit group. This is important to many people. Many businesses see successes year after year by taking advantage of this great method of advertising. 

Free advertising and a good product - a win-win situation 

When you choose to advertise in a coupon book fundraiser, you will gain the reputation of supporting your local groups - at the same time, your local non-profit organizations will be able to offer their customers a useful product for their money. In many cases, people support fundraisers merely because they want to help their friends and families raise money for various non-profit groups. They may or may not even like what they're buying. When a non-profit uses discount coupon sales for their fundraiser, customers appreciate receiving something useful. This results in happy customers, and happy businesses. 


Make sure you consider coupon book fundraisers as one of your business's marketing tools.  This one will cost you nothing - so, the return on investment is one that you won't want to miss out on. It's hard to turn down free advertising!