How To Create Better Fundraising Posts For Facebook

Approximately 890 million people sign in to Facebook on a daily basis. Regardless of your demographics or target audience - they are likely using Facebook. Your business or company must have good representation advertising in social media. You need to optimize your ads and target the appropriate audience for your product or services. 

How to create more effective Facebook postings for Fundraising

For the most part, people aren't going onto Facebook to look at advertising. That isn't usually their primary goal of perusing social media. To make Facebook users take notice of your post, it must be visually appealing and attention grabbing. Up to 90% of the information transmitted to our brain is visual. Your ad will live or die by how relative and interesting it is. 

Be relevant. Your Facebook post or ad must be relevant to your target audience. It needs to offer something to your potential customers and be enticing to gain their interest. 

High quality visuals. Always use high quality photos. Potential customers will scroll right past photos that are fuzzy or out of focus. They won't waste their time on low standard posts or ads. 

Change it up. Nothing is more boring than to see the same ad/post continually coming through your Facebook feed. This is a fast way to have potential customers 'unfollow' you. Refresh and reinvent your post every one or two weeks. You will create new interest and keep your viewers excited about your postings. 

Important stuff first & link your website upfront. The most important information that you want your customers to notice should be at the beginning of your fundraising post - as should your website link. When people want to visit your website, they want to find it fast. Remember - most people want instant gratification and instant information. If they don't get it - they'll just move on to another site. 

Keep it short and clear. Studies have shown that Facebook users appreciate short, clear and to-the-point posts and advertising. Your headline should be tight as well. Your customers shouldn't have to guess what your ad is about.

The most popular words to use. After surveying over 35,000 Facebook users, came up with a list of words that users were most responsive to when reading posts and ads. 

  • You
  • Free
  • Because
  • Instantly
  • New

You.  Personalizes the post and makes the reader think the ad is written directly to them. 

Free.  Free has always been the ultimate word to use in any ad. if you have something to offer your customer without cost - make sure they know it up front. 

Because.  Readers want answers and are always questioning why. Use it when you can. 

Instantly.  As stated above, we are people who want instant gratification. You will have more success if your offer can be used now - rather than a future offer. 

New. Who isn't interested in something new? We want fresh products, ideas and services. If you are an established brand, show something fresh and new to get customers excited about your business. 

Fundraising and Facebook

When you are beginning your fundraiser - make sure your Facebook page stays up-to-date and interesting. If you put these ideas into practice, the important information about the activities involved in your fundraiser will reach more potential customers and you will be happy with the outcome.