How to Raise Money with a Subway Fundraiser and Coupon Books

Fundraising can be a precarious endeavor, especially when you are trying to meet the financial needs of a school. For schools the consideration of appropriateness and fiscal responsibility are important. Luckily, coupon book based fundraising combines a low-risk method of raising money with a customizable business sponsored approach. For schools in particular it is a great idea to use a reputable company like Subway to pull off a successful fundraiser. As the largest worldwide franchise, Subway has the kind of presence that is naturally a perfect fit for coupon books. Store locations are never too far away, thus Subway coupons make sense as an all-inclusive fundraising item.

Your Coupon Book Subway Fundraiser

This simple three step process will not only help you acquire the funds that your school desperately needs, but also accomplish that in a positive and community based manner. Subway is the ideal company to base your fundraiser around as they offer eye-catching coupons, and the perfect product: nutritional meals for the whole family at an already affordable price.

  • Set Your Goal with two specific variables in mind: how much money does your school need to raise, and a safe estimate of the amount of people you expect to be involved in a donor/customer capacity. You can make up to 50 percent profit on each book if you structure your fundraiser with these key numbers in mind.
  • Build Your Coupon Book to the desired amount and quantity. Sites like Save Around make this step simple and comprehensive, offering a variety of Subway coupons that can be mixed and matched for your event, with an easy to understand cost analysis. Subway's menu is very flexible, so coupons will suit patrons of different diets and eating habits.
  • Throw Your Fundraiser and rest assured that your goal will be met. Utilize a little flare to attract more donors as you make signs and promotional material for the fundraiser. Be sure to clearly advertise Subway, the health benefits of eating there and the fact that the savings from a couple of coupons will pay for the cost of the book itself. Subway's global presence can also be enticing, as a location will not be hard to find for your patrons.

The benefits of coupon books fundraising are three-fold. The financial needs of your school will be met, local merchants will experience business growth, and your fundraiser’s patrons will save money on essentials. Using Subway coupons comes with the additional benefit of promoting nutritious meals and healthy living. A Subway fundraiser really is a win-win scenario for all of those involved. With comprehensive online menus and cost breakdowns, it is now easier than ever to build a custom book order that fits your specific fundraising goals on sites like Save Around. With this cost-effective fundraising strategy worked out in a timely and hassle-free manner you'll be free to concentrate on presentation and execution, the finer points of a successful fundraiser.