How To Solve Your Biggest Problem With Free Advertising

Free advertising. Businesses don't see those two words together very often! But it's true - you can take advantage of free advertising by placing your discount coupon in a fundraising coupon book. 

Advertising - one of your biggest problems

Nearly any business (large or small) will admit that one of the biggest obstacles they face is advertising. Small, local businesses especially have a hard time competing with some of the larger franchises that have large budgets just for marketing. To make a difficult problem even more difficult is that local businesses are always being asked to support local non-profit organizations. Budgets seem to be stretched every which way during every season of the year. 

Two birds with one coupon

You can solve two problems when you take advantage of advertising in a fundraising coupon book. 

  • Free advertising
  • Help local non-profits

Your discount coupon will be in the hands of people across demographics that you may not be reaching with your current advertising methods. Customers will drive across town to save money with a coupon - even though they wouldn't think of it if they weren't going to get a discount. This advertising will bring more repeat and new customers through your door than many marketing methods you pay for. 

You will be supporting your local non-profit groups and show your customers that you are community minded. 

Even if you're not a pizza restaurant

Have you ever noticed that nearly every pizza place offers discount coupons? Most people don't ever buy pizza without a coupon. It's simple - customers expect discount coupons when they purchase a pizza - and they use them - with every purchase. Pizza restaurants have made discount coupons a perk their customers now look for. If you ask most pizza restaurants, they will tell you that a high percentage of their customers use and expect coupons. 

Enjoy success with coupons

You can enjoy that same success when your customers see that you offer discount coupons in a fundraising coupon book. Many people buy fundraising coupon books year after year. They use the discounts offered at familiar places, but they also like to try new places. If you haven't offered your customers discounts via coupons before - you are in for a pleasant surprise. You will notice those coupons showing up in your register, along with more satisfied customers. 

Just because advertising has been a problem in the past, doesn't mean it has to remain a problem in the future. For successful marketing and advertising, it's important to include as many low-cost and proven strategies as you can, to offset some of the high-ticket advertising costs that most businesses still need. Free advertising with coupon books is one way you will actually be able to keep track of its success.  At the end of the day you can count the coupons used and enjoy the new and return business that has come your way.