Local Businesses Can Connect With Consumers Through Coupon Books

Is it time for your group to decide on a fundraiser? If you are a business owner, is it time for you to decide how you will best use your advertising dollars? These decisions definitely don't come easily. Of the many fundraising ideas that will take the stress off, is the simple yet successful Coupon book fundraiser. 

Attention to non-profits and business owners! 

Non-profits.  Raising funds by selling coupon books helps your group as well as your community. There are many fundraising ideas to choose from, but many take a lot of effort in planning as well as executing. Your participants and planners will welcome an uncomplicated way to meet the group's fundraising goals. 

Business owners. As you know, most advertising is expensive. Advertising in fundraising coupon books is free and will bring attention to your business by the many people who purchase these books. Your marketing budget won't suffer when you decide to place an ad in a fundraising coupon book. 

Coupon sales is a win-win for your community

Coupon book sales support local businesses and advertising in coupon books costs nothing. Local (and national) businesses offer significant discounts when they choose to advertise in coupon fundraising books. Merchants benefit by increased traffic to their business with new and repeat customers. 

  • Enjoyment of the purchase
  • Increased traffic to local businesses
  • Fundraising success

People who purchase a coupon book can enjoy the services of community businesses, local merchants will prosper - and your group will obtain the money you need to fund your project.

And it's easy for everyone! 

For the non-profit. People love discounts. One of the easiest fundraisers to manage is a coupon book sale. There is no upfront cost, and the books are sent to you on consignment. Your group will be able to earn up to 50% profit in a short amount of time. Selling coupon books is easy because it offers a valuable product to the consumer. The consumer will find that the cost of the book is met with the use of only one or two coupons. 

For the business owner. Advertising in a fundraising coupon book is not only free, but easy too. You can use your logo, art work and pertinent information to attract consumers into your business. You will decide on the type of discount you want to offer. The professionals who design the coupon books will help you develop a colorful layout that will attract people to your coupon - and to your business. It is an effortless way to increase your revenues while going easy on your marketing budget. 

Most people are aware of the value of a local coupon book and many wait for new ones to be available each year. This is what makes coupon book fundraising one of the best ways to meet fundraising goals - and bring more customers to local businesses. Non-profit groups and businesses - check out how your group can get your coupon book fundraiser started - and how to get your free ad into this year's book!