Position Your Company Alongside Big Name Retailers in Coupon Books

As a business owner, you know that advertising is tricky business - and expensive. The goal of every business is to gain the lion's share of their market's niche. Businesses must focus on the demographics specific to their services or products while still meeting their advertising budget. Are you constantly looking for advertising that will be effective and have a positive impact on your business - at a reasonable price? How about free? 


One of advertising's best kept secrets is by advertising at discount coupon books which are sold in fundraisers for non-profit organizations in your area. 

Have you tried discount coupons in the past? 

There are many types of discount coupon advertising methods - and you may have tried them without seeing much return on your investment. They can be costly and aren't always successful.

There is a big difference between that type of discount coupon advertising and fundraising coupon book advertising. When you choose to advertise in a fundraising discount coupon book - your advertising is absolutely free! The no-cost part is very important - but most importantly, you will notice your coupons being used by the additional customers walking through your door!

How it works

Advertising your business in a non-profit coupon book fundraiser could not get any easier. An experienced advertising team will help you design your ad, using your own logo and decide what type of discount you would like to offer. The ad will be attractive, colorful and will get the attention of the many consumers who purchase the discount books. These books are sold by participants in fundraisers by non-profit organizations in your community. 

Who advertises in fundraising coupon books? 

Even if you are a small local business, don't be reluctant to advertise alongside of national companies. The books include ads from a wide variety of lifestyle categories such as dining, travel, retail and services and entertainment, as well as recreational activities. Customers can take advantage of discounts for national companies, but most often buy the books to support their local businesses. 

Who buys coupon books?

Coupon books are purchased by nearly every demographic you can think of. Customers recognize the savings they receive in return for supporting local non-profit organizations. They know they are able to get their money back from only using one or two coupons! 

From young singles to families and the elderly - everyone enjoys a discount. You will notice familiar faces coming through your door - and new customers. First-time customers are more likely to try new businesses if they receive a discount for their first visit, and repeat customers will be appreciative that you have provided them with a discount. Customers are likely to spread the word!

It's a win-win situation!

Non-profit organizations appreciate how easy it is to manage and execute a coupon book fundraiser. These  books are bright, appealing - and reach a customer base may not have been reached using other advertising methods. Customers enjoy the discounts and receive a useful product for supporting their local organizations. Advertising your business in a discount coupon book campaign is a win-win situation for your business, your community's non-profit organizations and your customers!