Quick Guide To The Most Popular Types Of Fundraisers

Successful fundraisers can be a make or break situation for many non-profit organizations. Non-profits usually depend a great deal on the money they raise from one or more fundraisers each year. Choosing the ones that will give the most return is an important decision. There are more types of fundraisers than you can count - so picking a fundraiser wisely can be the key to adding money to your coffers. 

Successful types of fundraisers 

There are many fundraisers that can be successful - and each have their merits. Some are more difficult to manage than others, and some are just plain labor intensive and time consuming for the amount of return your group will see. 

  • Contests - Costume contest, talent show, Bingo
  • Do-it-yourself activities - Car washes, yard work, bake sale
  • Logo product sale - Caps, towels, tote bag, holiday ornaments
  • Product sales - Cookie dough, magazines, greeting cards, popcorn
  • Raffles - Trips, gift certificates
  • Special events - Gala, dinners, silent auction, walk/run 

The number of participants that are willing to help with the fundraiser is a determining fact to the type of fundraiser you should choose. If your group is a relatively a small one, the amount of work it takes to run a do-it-yourself project, special event or contest may be too much for your organization to take on. On the other hand, logo product sales or other product sales are good ways for smaller groups to make money.

For large groups, special events such as a golf tournament, food sales (BBQ or fish fry), casino night or silent auctions can turn out to be big money-makers. They need more management than some of the other ideas, but the return can be enough to help get your budget through a dry spell. 

Product sales can be profitable. For non-profit groups that focus on kids, the product you choose needs to be age-appropriate and easy to sell.  Depending on the product you choose, managing this type of fundraiser can be complicated. You have to make sure everyone involved does their part in picking up the products, getting them delivered and paid for. Tracking orders can sometimes be difficult for kids if they're too young - and, it often becomes a 100% parent fundraiser. 

Easiest of all is a discount coupon fundraiser

Yes, there are many types of fundraisers to choose from, and you can make money from each one. But, the easiest - and, least complicated fundraiser just happens to be the #1 fundraiser in the country. Discount coupons. 

Who doesn't love a discount? That's exactly what your buyers will think. Not only your buyers, but the local merchants who get free advertising. When it comes time for you to make the all-important fundraising decision this year, consider discount coupons. They are a win-win for non-profits as well as your local businesses.