Start Your Fundraiser In Time For The Holidays!

It’s getting colder and the holidays are coming up fast. But there’s still time to fundraise! Here at SaveAround we make fundraising a breeze — even cooler than the autumn wind. 

Late-Fall/early-Winter is an ideal time to fundraise because your supporters are looking for holiday gifts. Each of our coupon books have deals at both national chains and local businesses, and we have 100+ different local editions. That means all of your supporters will get a great book that will help them save big and there’s a good chance they’ll buy multiple books around the holidays to give as gifts!

When you fundraise with SaveAround, you get up to 50% of each book sold. That’s one of the highest profit margins in the industry, and it adds up fast. 

We also provide each group with a unique SupportOurGroups webpage. Think of it as your own online webstore. Simply share your link, and you get credit for any online sales just as you would a physical book. This flexibility lets you reach your friends and family from out of town. You can do both, either, or neither — you don’t have to choose. It’s a free service we provide to help you, and a good compliment to your in-person sale. 

Finally, our fundraisers are simple, easy, and risk-free. There are never any up-front costs! Simply return unsold books with free shipping both ways. You never pay for lost or damaged books, either.

Whether you want to raise funds for your class trip, new uniforms, or just a little to fill out your budget, SaveAround is here to help. It’s already October but our fundraisers are fast and easy enough that you can finish before the holidays. We’re here to help you get started!