The ABCs Of Coupon Book Fundraising

Coupon book fundraising has become one of the most popular and successful types of fundraising for non-profit organizations nationwide. When you're getting ready to start your coupon book fundraising, there are a few things that need to be at the head of your list of things to do. 


Analyze your needs before you begin your fundraiser - and define your purpose. A fundraiser can make a significant amount of money for your organization, but they can also be expensive and entail a lot of work. Analyzing your needs and the types of fundraisers that will get you to your goal is one of the first steps - and an important one. Your team must identify the amount of money that you need to make with your fundraiser and how it will be used. Set your goals realistically - with the net amount that you want to make. 


Your fundraiser plan should contain a detailed budget that includes all of the expenses associated with the fundraiser. Proper budgeting for the fundraising event includes operating and material costs. Cost of staff, sales expenses as well as postage, supplies, transportation and marketing must all be addressed in the budget. Leave some extra room in your budget for unexpected costs that come up at the last minute. 


Customers are the most important component of any fundraising event. The products you offer during a fundraiser must be carefully thought out. Ideally, the product should be easy to sell and easy for your group to manage. Coupon book fundraisers are straight forward and offer your customers value for their money. 


Analyze, budget, and customers are all important considerations to take before committing to a fundraiser. Because a coupon book fundraiser is so easily managed, it eliminates some of the stress and anxiety that is associated with many other types of fundraising activities - with a significant return on investment. Get information today on how you can reach the fundraising goals of your organization.