The BEST School Fundraiser Around!

In the school fundraising space, we’ve heard it all. Lost or stolen product, a complicated ordering process, and unreasonable requirements can defeat the purpose of getting students involved in an easy, fun, and skill-building fundraising campaign.

After decades developing and testing our fundraising model in local markets, we’ve expanded to over 170 markets across the nation. Our product? A coupon book filled with great deals not just in your home state, not just at national chains, but in your very neighborhood! That’s right, here at SaveAround we’ve worked hard to include all the best local, regional, and national merchants in our coupon books. We’ve put a whole lot of time, energy, and effort into them because we’re committed to offering schools a superior product, wherever they may call home.

While many schools sell popcorn or snow globes, and indeed some grandparents may buy those products, we don’t typically recommend that kind of fundraiser. Their appeal is limited because those fundraisers don’t offer real value. Fundamentally, what your supporters get out of those kinds of fundraisers isn’t worth the money they pay. A SaveAround fundraiser is different because our book is filled with quality offers at the businesses and restaurants you and your supporters already frequent.

A SaveAround fundraiser is risk-free for you and your students. Each student interested in fundraising receives a sample book. They can use it to show friends and family exactly what they’re getting, and flip through to see the value it holds. This sample book is provided on consignment: if a student sells nothing, simply return the book at no cost.

While some children may misplace things, we solved this problem through a simple incentive. If the student sells five books, they get to keep their sample. However much the student ends up selling is besides the point. At the very least, students are take care of the book as if it’s their own -- because it might be!

Our effort to provide a quality product, useful promotions, and a streamlined fundraising process has wonderfully unexpected side-effects. Schools reported back that not only were students motivated to participate in order to earn their own book, but students were showing extra care and responsibility for their possessions. Simply put, our fundraiser motivates students to learn these life skills. New this year, we rolled out our online fundraising platform, SupportOurGroups — the perfect compliment to a physical coupon book fundraiser!

Getting started is simple. Express your interest here and one of our team members will reach out to you with the specifics!