What Are The Most Effective Types Of Fundraisers

When you're looking for effective fundraising ideas, try to pick one that is easy to manage and easy to sell. There are many types of fundraisers and many companies trying to get your business when you have the responsibility to choose a fundraiser for your group. 

Many types of fundraisers

There are as many types of fundraisers - some are tried and true and some turn out to be more work and frustration than they are worth.  

  • Fun run
  • Candy sales
  • Wrapping paper/card sales
  • Coupons

When your group is working through fundraising ideas choosing the right product and the right company will help you meet your goals.

Trustworthy company. Does the company have a good track record? Talk to others who have worked with them. Ask for feedback from other groups that have had successful fundraisers. There is a lot of competition among fundraising companies and they all want your business, be careful who you choose.

Easy to sell products. Products you are going to sell should be items that people want to buy and can use. Many people buy to help out the cause - so try to give them something they will enjoy. 

Uncomplicated management. Management of the products should be uncomplicated and not overwhelming. Fundraisers that have many items to choose from can be labor intensive and frustrating to manage. 

Reasonable return for your efforts. You need to make money for all of your efforts. Assess the bottom line of what your group will  make when the fundraiser is all said and done.  

One of the easiest

One of the easiest of the many types of fundraisers is coupon sales. Everyone likes to have discounts at their local businesses, restaurants and activity centers. Groups that have used coupon sales in the past, report that coupons nearly sell themselves year after year. They are easy to manage and you don't have to worry about things like refrigeration! There is no keeping track of different choices, colors and styles.

Benefits of coupon sales

Coupon sales benefit not only the group who is raising money, but also local businesses. Businesses gain traffic to their door and find repeat visitors through coupon purchases. National companies are also highlighted in coupon fundraising. 

For your next fundraiser, consider coupon sales to meet the fundraising goals of your group or organization. You will see a boost in sales and profits as well as many happy customers.