What's in a SaveAround book, anyway?

While the best way to get to know a SaveAround coupon book is to flip through it, not everyone has actually had the chance to hold one of our books in person before. So we’re here to give you some insight into what our books are all about.

Each SaveAround coupon book has a local section and a national section. The national section is standard across all of our markets and is full of deals from your favorite chains, retailers and more. But the local section is different depending on where you live and what book you buy. We have books for over 170 towns and cities across the US!

What this means is the specific businesses and deals are going to vary based on where you live and which edition you purchase. Our books contain deals and discounts for almost any good or service you could want including:

  • Fast food & casual dining. It’s no surprise that businesses in this category are so numerous and so successful in our book — fast food is an ideal place to save. Leave your SaveAround book in your car so you can always save.
  • Fine dining. Our team works hard to get the best local restaurants in the book. While you may not think of printing out a coupon for that nice Italian restaurant, they actually would love the new customers that our book drives to their establishments. That’s why we made our book in the first place — to connect local businesses to their new, lifelong customers.
  • Retail. Department stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Banana Republic, and Barnes & Noble apply no matter where you live, flip over the book to find your favorite local hardware stores, greenhouses, and mom and pop stores too.
  • Entertainment. Save at the movies, the arcade, local sports games, museums and zoos.
  • Recreation. Enjoy Spring for an afternoon of activities. Our books offer deals on golf, swim, skate, bowling and more.
  • Services. To provide you with savings on just about anything, our books offer great deals at mechanics, spas, salons, and a variety of other vital services.

Also, our companion mobile app is a great way to save on the go and comes free for 12 months with the purchase of any book!