Why SaveAround is the Best Fundraiser Around

A coupon book filled with great deals not just in your home state, not just at national chains, but in your own neighborhood! That’s right, here at SaveAround we’ve worked hard to include all the best local, regional, and national merchants in our coupon books. We’ve put a whole lot of time, energy, and effort into them because we’re committed to offering you a superior fundraising product.

In addition to being the best coupon book for consumers, our product was built with fundraising in mind. We have one of the simplest, easiest — and not to mention — most profitable fundraisers in the country. Here’s why thousands of groups across the country are choosing SaveAround as their primary fundraising option:

-Quality Product. Many fundraisers are overpriced and don’t offer any real value. Each SaveAround book offers thousands of dollars in real savings, making it easy to save!

-Easy fundraising process. With sample books provided and your order form doubling as your collections envelope, a SaveAround book fundraiser is truly a breeze. We find groups fundraise with us repeatedly do so for this reason. Plus each group has access to our team of dedicated fundraising specialists!

-High profit margin. You earn up to 50% of each book sold — that’s $12.50 for every $25 book sold. SaveAround is one of the most profitable fundraisers around!

-Selling Flexibility. Each group has their own style of fundraising. SaveAround has made it super simple to sell our coupon books in person or right online. Each group is provided with a unique link to sell our coupon books to friends and family in any market. We’re here to help you reach the maximum amount of supporters!

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