Why We Love Apparel Fundraising (And You Should Too!)

If you are tired of selling the same cookies mixes to your friends and families when it comes time to raise funds, perhaps it's time to take your fundraising efforts in a different direction!  There is a seemingly endless array of ways to make money for your organization, and some methods are certainly more successful than others.  The trick is finding a campaign that boosts the budget and leaves a lasting brand impression after the initial efforts are finished.

Enter: Apparel Fundraising!

There are plenty of reasons you should choose apparel fundraising for your next money-making campaign.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Everybody Loves Swag.  There is a big difference between raising funds with something that's in it for the long haul and items that disappear after a good snack break.  Everybody loves swag, and apparel fundraising gives you the ability to promote your organization with long-term items that keep giving.  People will proudly wear your products, which, in turn, will promote your brand or cause each time they dawn your products.
  • Merchandise Manages Itself.  With other fundraisers, there is a lot to manage.  You have to juggle the amount of minimum orders, figure out how to divvy out responsibilities, and track everything as it comes in.  Apparel fundraising takes these stresses out of the process.  Once you have submitted a logo and chosen a few awesome items, your patrons and partner vendor take care of the rest.  You're left with tons of time to do everything else on your checklist while your merchandise fundraiser manages itself.
  • Minimum Requirements Wreak Havoc on Goals.  If you have ever attempted to set up a formal fundraising event, you're already well-aware of the difficulties that befall organizers when minimums are part of the process.  Whether you're talking about minimum required orders or a certain number of people that must attend a big event, counting on people to commit can be an incredibly stressful situation.  

Apparel fundraising offers an awesome alternative to these stresses.  Once you've contacted your vendor, you are done with the hard stuff!  This type of fundraising doesn't require any type of minimum order; you simply reap the rewards when your patrons make their orders.  It's as simple as that!

  • No Organization is Immune to Great Apparel.  Everyone needs an awesome clothing item.  No matter if you are raising money for a school, religious group, after-school outing, or anything else, anyone you talk to will find value in great clothing that promotes your organization!

Sorting out the many fundraising options can seem like an endless task, but when you consider the amount of time and energy necessary to manage most options, clothing becomes a clear front-runner.

When candy has run its course and you are at risk of making enemies at the office if you shuffle around one more box of munchies, divert your attention to apparel fundraising and find a fundraising company that offers you the best bang for your buck.  Thanks to a unique combination of tangible happiness and for-a-good-cause efforts, clothes will always have you covered.