Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch is SO important and will serve you well as you work to expand your reach into other schools and with more than one or two customers. Never forget that you are in the relationship business and that is your #1 job. You should always take the opportunity to “make the rounds”, stop by for a quick hello, or just to check in. Don’t be “the sales rep who only shows up for the sale” or “never returns my phone call”. You seem nonexistent until you want the chairperson to do something.

Keep in touch. Drop a note in the mail (put a stamp on it). Send a friendly email or wish them a happy birthday when that day rolls around. These things seem trivial or minor, but in the grand scheme of things your customer will remember that you kept in touch outside the actual sale or fundraiser. Make notes about their interests or their kids. Ask how they are doing when you call?

It may seem like a lot to keep track of, but if you keep it organized and available when you are talking or calling on them it will seem like you are old friends and you will become their “go to person” for fundraising. Once that relationship is established then you can more easily ask for a referral or suggestions about other groups to contact to help raise money. Don’t be the rep who only calls when they want something. Be that year-round person who IS interested, wants to have lifelong friendships and relationships beyond a seasonal fundraiser. Show yourself friendly to others and you’ll find they will do it in return.


National Food Days

May 24 – Asparagus Day
May 28 – Brisket Day
May 28 – Hamburger Day


Group Relations Guidance

Last Call
We are down to the wire and need to get ALL groups closed out before the end of our fiscal year. Hopefully you have contact information for not only your sponsor/chairperson, but also the secretary and the bookkeeper. If you have questions or need an invoice resent, please contact the Group Relations Team:


Weekly Tip

Cycle of the Business
As you work throughout the year in the fundraising industry, these are the areas you will want to focus on in these specific months. Calling on principals during the summer months can help you get ahead by starting with the decision-maker from the get-go.

  • Aug / Sept - Fall Business
  • Oct - Fall Business and Spring Business
  • Nov / Dec - Spring Business
  • Jan / Feb - Spring Business
  • March - Spring and Fall Business
  • April / May - Fall Business plus Summer Appts
  • June/July - Fall Business


May Fun Facts

  • Third and last month of Spring
  • Birthstone - emerald which symbolizes success and love
  • Flower - lily of the valley
  • Zodiac signs - Taurus and Gemini
  • Holidays include May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day
  • In ancient Rome, May was named for the greek goddess Maia
  • In old English, month of 3 milkings referring to a time when cows could be milked three times a day
  • National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
  • Indy 500 is held in May
  • Kentucky Derby is held on the first Saturday of May
  • Last week of May is Library and Information Week
Keep in Touch