SaveAround® FAQ

What is SaveAround?

Every day SaveAround presents you with the very best savings at fine establishments in your area. We’re able to do this by guaranteeing participating merchants a minimum number of customers. Your purchase is combined with others and the resulting volume purchase is a form of “mutual funding”. This feature dramatically lowers the cost to  you.  

Must a SaveAround Coupon be redeemed the day I buy it?

Most SaveAround coupons have an expiration date, but redemption on the day of purchase is never required.

I purchased a SaveAround Coupon - how do I redeem it?

After you purchase your Coupon, we’ll send you an email with a link which enables you to print your SaveAround Coupon. Instructions for redemption are included.

Can I purchase a SaveAround Coupon as a gift?

Of Course! Don’t forget to click the ‘gift option’ when you are checking out.

Do I need to redeem the full value of the SaveAround Coupon when I present it?

Yes. Generally credits or cash-backs for unused portions of the offer are not allowed. The full-redemption value is part of what enables us to get you elite deals!

What about combining SaveAround coupons with other offers or specials?

No. Once again, it’s the full-redemption value that enables us to get you these incredible deals!

Is there a membership fee?

No, membership is free. You are charged if and only if you commit to buying the SaveAround offer when it achieves the minimum of purchasers and that threshold is met.

What about the security of my credit card?

You can rest assured knowing that the information is encrypted and relayed using the strongest available technology: SSL

Are SaveAround Coupons refundable?

They are generally non-refundable. Again, their full-redemption value is part of what enables us to get you these fantastic prices!

What if the business sponsoring my SaveAround Coupon goes out of Business?

If it should become impossible to redeem your SaveAround Coupon, let us know and we’ll work actively with you to get your money back.

This is great for getting more customers. Can I get my business to participant in SaveAround?

Click here for more information.