Get Your Business In Front Of Schools And Families With Coupon Books

Attracting new clients to your business can seem like a daunting task. As media trends change quicker and quicker than ever, a prospective customer's attention has become an elusive thing. There is, however, a time-tested and still burgeoning advertising outlet that is simultaneously beneficial for participating businesses, potential customers and benevolent organizations such as nonprofits or schools.  The concept and practice of coupon book based fundraising has existed for decades and survived the advent of the internet age. An online presence has actually served to simplify the logistical aspects of creating a coupon book, making the fundraising technique even more desirable. With features like free advertising, this success story is easy to understand.

Coupon Book Fundraisers and Your Business

Coupon books are the most reliable method for organizations with financial needs to procure funds. These books feature local business through advertising and the dissemination of coupons, which are then offered to a fundraiser's patrons at a discount. Those who purchase coupon books will make back the cost with the use of as little as two of the coupons, and the organizations throwing the fundraising event often make about 50% profit on each book sold. With your participation charitable groups will earn the money they need, families will save money and your business will increase. The more exposure you gain through participation in coupon book fundraisers the more your business will thrive.

  • A Positive Community Presence means that the more ethically minded residents of your area will consider patronizing your establishment over others. Community members who live near your business will know to look out for you after being exposed to your advertising in fundraising events. From families to little league sports team or church groups, the fundraiser crowd is vast and eclectic, but one similarity remains, they come in numbers. A well regarded local business can become a haven for the community and develop a healthy list of regular customers.
  • Foster a Loyal Clientele through special offers in a fundraiser’s coupon book. The savings available in these books are an essential aspect of the multi-beneficial nature of coupon book fundraisers, and their patrons will utilize them. Bringing in these new customer affords you the opportunity to make a lasting and desirable first impression. Word of mouth is an invaluable advertising tool and an integral aspect of the fundraising paradigm, nowadays this comes in the form of social media "likes." With a social media presence you can be a part of your customers’ online experience.
  • Become a Go-To Business for organizations who throw fundraisers often by participating in the event. This might entail featuring flyers for the event at your store or at the location of the event, help with catering (depending on the nature of your business) or the administration of a social media campaign. Becoming dependable in the eyes of the community will transform your business into an institution and an important part of the local culture. The trust of an organization that holds a lot of fundraisers will make them want to collaborate with you again and again.

Tapping into this prospective bank of positive exposure is as easy as contacting SaveAround and utilizing their streamlined coupon book building process. Very few advertising outlets are as inherently beneficial to local businesses, their communities and the myriad organizations in need of funding. Free advertising in a coupon book is foolproof, and will serve to convince you of the effectiveness of the process if any doubts yet persist. This is the type of advertising that grows exponentially with every event and can build a solid clientele for your business.