Why Coupon Books Are Great Fundraisers For Non-Profit Organizations

It's time to start planning your non-profit organization's fundraiser!

You may have noticed a change in the fundraising industry. People who participate in fundraising activities want a product that is easy to sell, practical, and will give their customers something of value in return for their purchase. Truth be told, most people support fundraisers because a family member or friend is involved. Ideally, these supporters should get something of value in return for their money. When- your group decides on a coupon book fundraiser, you can be sure that your supporters will enjoy their product, and be more likely to support future fundraisers!

Why choose a coupon book fundraising

Coupon book fundraisers are a quick and easy way for your group to raise the funds you need. It is a proven method for a successful fundraising campaign. Coupon book fundraisers is at the top of the list of successful ways for non-profit organizations to meet their fundraising goals - here are some of the reasons why:

  • No up-front cost
  • Earn up to 50% profit
  • Easy to sell
  • Supports local businesses

No up-front cost. Unlike many fundraising products, coupon books require no up-front cost. Coupon books are sold on consignment, so you simply return the books that have not sold. 

Nice profit. Depending on how many books are sold, your non-profit organization can make up to 50% in profits. As you compare this rate with other types of fundraisers, the answer is simple - choose a coupon book fundraiser. Coupon book sales gives you one of the highest percentages of profit of any fundraiser out there. 

Easy to sell. Most people are familiar with coupons and coupon books. They appreciate the value of coupons - this makes the books easy to sell. The books contain the best businesses in the community and oftentimes people eagerly await the New Year’s books to be available. They know that when they use only a few coupons, they have more than paid for the price of the book. 

Supports local businesses. Customers like supporting local businesses, and local businesses like to advertise in coupon books. Businesses are able to get this advertising tool at no cost. Merchants offer deep discounts for customers to use their coupon - in return, traffic into their businesses is increased. New and repeat customers are excited to use their coupons at their favorite local and national businesses.


Fundraising can be convenient. If your group hasn't worked with a coupon book fundraiser in the past, you are in for a pleasant surprise! If you have, you know that coupon book fundraisers are extremely easy to manage. You don't have to keep track of various types of orders, or match the orders to the product. The only product is a bright, sleek coupon book. Your participants merely take orders and receive payment. Once this is accomplished the books are received and delivered to the customer. Your group pays your part of the book cost and the fundraiser is complete. Your group has now met your fundraising goal!