Get Your “Hustle” On With SaveAround


Having a “side hustle” is big right now and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t want some extra cash to pay down credit card debt, fund your next family vacation or help you save a little more money for any unforeseen circumstances.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a meteoric rise of people engaging in the “side hustle”. The only downside is that many people are now selling the same brands/products or products from different brands that directly compete with one another, saturating the market with very similar products.

Have you ever considered taking advantage of the Independent Fundraising Consultant opportunity through SaveAround? SaveAround is the nation’s leading fundraising coupon book containing thousands of dollars in deals from your favorite local, regional and national businesses. As a fundraising consultant you’ll have the unique opportunity to help organizations in your community fundraise, while making money for yourself!

As an Independent Fundraising Consultant you get to choose your own hours, there’s zero upfront cost, and you’ll be backed by an organization that will handle all of the logistics. All you have to do sign up groups to fundraise with SaveAround in your community!

It’s a win-win-win: you help your community, you raise money for yourself and SaveAround expands their network.

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