Let SaveAround Plan Your Next Date Night

Marcus and Joy Williams are a loving, married couple. Last Friday, they were thinking how they could mix up their Saturday night date night beyond the typical “dinner and a movie” they have every week. Neither had any original ideas, so they continued to sit their in contemplative silence.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Marcus got up to answer the door. Joy could hear Marcus talking to someone from the other room but couldn’t quite make out what the conversation was about. Marcus returned several minutes later and placed a SaveAround coupon book onto the table.

Joy asked him what SaveAround was. Marcus wasn’t entirely sure but the kid next door was selling them as a fundraiser for his school’s class trip. They huddled around the book and began to flip through the pages. The book was filled with hundreds of discounts from places all around town. Within 10 minutes they had their date planned out for Saturday…

On Saturday morning, Joy and Marcus woke up early to get some chores done. After getting ready, they headed off to their first location: a local coffee shop that they’d been hearing so much about. They both ordered the breakfast special (a breakfast sandwich and a large coffee) and showed the cashier their SaveAround coupon for buy-one-get-one-free breakfast specials. Their food was quickly delivered to their table and they enjoyed their coffee as they mapped out their next stop.

While the coffee shop was located in the downtown business district, Joy and Marcus rarely did any of their shopping in that area. But the weather was beautiful outside today in particular, so they strolled along the streets and window shopped past a number of interesting stores. Marcus bought a few new dress shirts for work from a local men’s store. He received a flat $10 off his purchase. Joy ended up getting a few bottles of artisan olive oil from a new culinary store that had just opened up. The buy-one-get-one-free-deal was too good to pass up. After a couple of hours both of them grew tired and ventured home to rest before their night out.

The Williams family arrived at their favorite Thai place at 5:30pm that evening. As they looked over the menu, Joy pulled out her phone and began browsing the SaveAround mobile app on a whim. She was surprised to find that the SaveAround book contained a free code to unlock the app for a full year. The app notified her than the restaurant she was sitting in offered a digital coupon for a free appetizer with the purchase of two entrees. They placed their order and enjoyed their meal. When paying the bill they displayed their SaveAround app to their server who applied their free appetizers discount to their check. Joy and Marcus left the restaurant at 6:45, just in time to make it to their final date destination.

An American Hockey League affiliate team was located in Joy and Marcus’s hometown, only a few blocks from the Thai restaurant. Marcus approached the ticket booth with his SaveAround coupon and got his tickets discounted without a hitch. They bought some sodas and snacks and headed to their seats. After a riveting game, the hometown team ending up winning in overtime. What a game! As the Williams’ headed back to their car after a long and eventful day, they talked about how pleased they were to be able to try so many new things. Both Marcus and Joy both agreed that this was one of the most enjoyable days they’d shared in a long time and couldn’t wait for next week.

Like Joy and Marcus’s story? Let SaveAround help with planning your next date night!