Kick off Fall with Your Own Discount Card Fundraiser

Seasons are changing – just as they do every year. What better way to kick off the new season than beginning it with a discount card fundraiser. If your organization (or you for that matter) need extra money for special projects or to increase your budget – consider a discount fundraiser to add extra money to your coffers.

Why choose a discount card fundraiser over other types of fundraisers

Discount card fundraisers are the most popular fundraisers in the U.S. – for a number of reasons.

  • Easy to sell
  • Free advertising for merchants and businesses
  • Great looking
  • Worth the money

Easy to sell. Coupon books literally sell themselves. Many people who have bought discount coupon cards in the past seek them out year after year. The participants who sell them don’t have to worry about rejection when they approach people with this valuable product. It is common practice for satisfied customers to purchase more than one to give as gifts.

Free advertising for merchants and businesses.  Local businesses appreciate the free advertising that they receive when they offer discounts. They reward loyal customers by giving them the opportunity to save money – as well as bringing in new customers.

Great looking product. No one can deny that a discount coupon card is good looking. It is colorful, easy to read and easy to use. A bright and clean product for an easy to manage fundraiser.

Worth the money.  Have you ever been a participant in a fundraiser where you actually feel a little guilty selling your product to your friends and family - because you know the product isn’t worth the money? Some fundraising products are purchased out of loyalty when it really isn’t a product that the customer will use. You don’t have to worry about that with a discount card. The money saved by using just a few of the discounts included on the card is far more than the cost of the book. Customers appreciate and look forward to using the savings.

Changing seasons means more fundraisers

As the seasons change, organizations are out in full force raising money they need for the rest of the year. It is an important time for many groups. Fundraisers usually account for the biggest share of their budget. The money that is made from a fundraiser oftentimes makes the difference between continuing on with a group’s special programs, trips – and even replacing uniforms. An unsuccessful fundraiser can make or break an organization.

A discount card fundraiser is easier to manage than most types of fundraisers. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated or boxed up and it doesn’t spoil if it gets too warm. There are no sizes to keep track of. Taken on consignment, with no up-front costs, they are easy to keep track of.

Many types of discounts

The diverse types of businesses and merchants that offer discounts in a discount card fundraiser makes it attractive for all ages and demographics.

  • Coffee shops
  • Fast food
  • Restaurants

If you like to eat out – discount coupon cards will give you options where to save money. From coffee shops and fast food – to nice restaurants, both local and national – the money you invested in the discount card will be recouped after only a few uses.

  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Miniature golf
  • Movies

You and your customers can enjoy discounts on local and national recreational activities. There will be something for everyone included in a discount fundraiser card.

  • Car rentals
  • Flights
  • Hotels

Before booking your next trip – make sure you see what discounts are available on a discount card. You will be surprised (and so will your customers) how much can be saved.

Discount card fundraiser

For organizations, small groups or individuals needing extra money – there is no better way to raise money than by selling discount cards. If you haven’t had this type of fundraiser in the past, change with the seasons - everyone wins with a discount fundraiser.