Need Custom Apparel? SA Ink has you covered!

Whether you have a sports team that needs new uniforms, a fundraiser or event that needs shirts, or you just want a special way to commemorate your class trip or organization, custom apparel is a great idea. But it can be tricky! There’s a lot of moving parts and and it can be difficult to get something that looks good if you don’t have a designer.

That’s where SA Ink comes in. With an in-house design team, high quality print equipment, and decades of expertise in the fundraising space, SA Ink makes custom apparel both Simple & Awesome with that personal SaveAround touch you’ve come to expect through our coupon book fundraisers.

Speaking of fundraising, why not start an apparel fundraiser instead? You pick a lineup of different apparel items and we provide you with everything you need to take orders: a customized sell-sheet which doubles as your order form plus a custom link to sell your apparel right online. Then, you sell, recording what sizes and quantities are needed, and collect the money. A fundraiser can run a few days to a few weeks, whatever you find best. When the fundraiser is over, we deliver the product to you in one large shipment with no hidden costs. Shipping is free! Doesn’t matter if your lineup includes simple t-shirts, hats, or even premium hoodies — we’ve priced our items such that it’s incredibly simple to turn a profit for your group.

If you don’t want to run a fundraiser, our print shop is open for business! You can place a bulk order for custom shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, and other premium products with reasonable pricing and a fast turnaround. You pay for the product up-front but receive it as soon as it’s complete. If you don’t have a design, we can help you bring your vision to life. You can of course resell your custom-branded apparel to your group, or just distribute it as you see fit.