Your Fundraising Solution is Here!


Whether this is your first time fundraising or you’re a grizzled veteran, you know how difficult it can be to get a group organized and moving on schedule.

With four decades of fundraising experience, SaveAround is a family-owned and operated company. Our product? America’s premier coupon books!

Starting as just a local coupon book in Binghamton, NY, SaveAround now offers fundraising solutions for schools, sports teams, and community organizations across the US in over 170 different markets. Now, our coupon books are customized for wherever you may live, meaning that you can offer your supporters great savings they can actually use at all their favorite local businesses.

What this means is that we know fundraising! We’ve refined our process down to its simplest, highest performing core. A 10-minute phone call is enough to get you fully acquainted with the process, and get more information and a sample book sent to you in the mail free of charge.

We know how upfront-costs can function as a pain-point for lots of groups, especially those that are smaller or just starting out. That’s why we’re proud to say SaveAround is a truly-risk free experience. Books are provided to you free of charge on consignment. Sell what you can and we’ll take care of the rest. You can keep up to 50% of your profits,making a SaveAround fundraiser one of the highest profit margins in the industry — and certainly the only fundraiser with REAL value and REAL savings to boot!

New this year we’ve rolled out the SupportOurGroups online fundraising platform which will allow you to take your fundraiser to the next level!

This fall, think twice before you do the same old candy or popcorn sales.Think SaveAround!