No Fundraising Budget? What About A No Cost SaveAround Coupon Book Fundraiser?

Coupon books are one of the most practical ideas for a fundraiser that can quickly garner interest and get people involved. This type of fundraising is smart, economical and most of all, a no cost fundraiser that can gain hefty profits.

How does this work?

Coupon books can be tailored to a local area, or nationwide. They feature coupons from retailers in the area that are popular to help individuals save money. Most of the coupons are valid for the entire year, which can assist when holiday or school shopping. This no cost fundraiser is definitely a win-win for the organization, and the purchaser.

How practical is using coupon books as fundraisers?

Coupon book fundraisers have been the #1 method of fundraising for organization for over 40 years. It’s quick, easy and you can obtain the books on consignment, with no initial capital investment. You also receive materials that will provide insight how to market the books, and a customer service team that will help maximize sales. Almost everyone could use a coupon or two to save money. In this economy, getting the most from your dollar is key, so a no cost fundraiser makes perfect sense. From retailers to restaurants, purchasers will quickly recoup their investment and gain so much more!

If you’re still wondering whether or not this no cost fundraiser is a good idea, take some time to think about it. A good suggestion would be to make a list of the retailers, restaurants and places you frequent and research whether or not they are participants in the coupon book. Chances are, most of them are. By using coupon books, you’re immediately saving money without thinking about it.

Coupon books are easy to sell, especially if you’re raising money for your school. This takes the responsibility off the students, and keeps your goals clear. For organizations who cannot afford a financial investment, this is a great idea. Get your group together, implement this no cost fundraiser and watch the dough roll in!