Solving Your Fundraising Problem

Organizations have a problem with fundraising.

They need to do it, they have the people, the resources, and the goal. The school’s senior year class trip. The soccer team’s new uniforms. The church’s new playground.

What Fundraising option to choose?

Other fundraising companies want you to pay them just for setting you up, charging a high, flat fee for their services. Not to mention, their products marked up and overpriced. That makes no sense.

When you fundraise with SaveAround, there are no upfront costs. We provide all the sample books and materials you need on consignment, meaning you only end up paying what you sell. Return any unsold books at no charge.

And for the books you do sell? Your group gets up to 50% profit. This way, the money from your local community passes through you. Once your entire order is in, we ship you the rest of the books. Easy.

SaveAround Books

Our books are a great value at only $25 each. Use the book 2 or 3 times and it pays for itself! They contain thousands of dollars in savings from your favorite local and national brands. And the coupons inside  are valid for a full year. Each book comes with 12 FREE months of access to our companion mobile app which gets customers thousands of deals in their hometown, online and across the country.

We spent a long time developing a product that people actually want to buy. Through decades in the industry we’ve crafted relationships with local businesses and national chains to offer our customers the very best savings.

We took this value-oriented approach under the belief that sales would naturally follow. And they did! After so many years, our books are now as close as they can get to a product that sells itself.

Ways to Sell; Ways to Save

We routinely hear back from groups that someone was able to sell five books just by leaving their sample copy and order form in the office for an afternoon. Many families buy their book to benefit the same organization year after year. You can start a meaningful tradition by offering valuable fundraising solutions.

What this means for your group is they don’t have to sell door to door. We want you to have as seamless of an experience as possible.

While the sample books and order form make ordering in person a breeze, we also provide you a unique url so your supporters can purchase online and still benefit your organization.

We are located in more than 170 markets across the nation, each with their own local savings and deals. Which means if your relatives across the country want to buy a book, they can open it up to find deals for their favorite local businesses. That’s something to be proud of.

Fundraising as a Service

The end result of this business model is that we can offer fundraising as a service from start to finish. In the same way that you might pay a contractor to both plan an addition and actually build it, our system is constructed in such a way to cover both ends of the process.

We’re able to do this through two competitive advantages over other companies in the fundraising space. First, a quality product with tangible value. Second, a consumer-facing business network.

Too many fundraisers offer low-quality trinkets or overpriced consumables. Since these products have flooded the market, consumers see ‘fundraising’ as synonymous with ‘donating’. In other words, they know that money is going away and they’re getting little to nothing in exchange. Maybe some stale popcorn or a snowglobe they’ll never look at again. We’ve found that customers prefer receiving a tangible asset. Given the choice and availability, they’ll choose quality every time. As we’ve written elsewhere, it’s a poorly-kept secret that you can easily make up the cost of our books in savings. That’s why even our fundraisers buy one for themselves.

Second, the value of our books is not in the individual offers, but in the overall network formed by hundreds of businesses in your area, and thousands nationwide. The strength of that network is a ripple effect that improves the overall book quality but also increases the prospects for future success. Simply put, we’ve spent decades building a platform that businesses are eager to participate in. We wanted to build something that would last, something we’re sure will stick around. And we’re happy to say we’ve succeeded.

SaveAround offers not only fantastic fundraising options for your organization, but fundraising start-to-finish as a self-contained service. Let us handle fundraising for you, and let you get back to what you do best.

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