How SaveAround Helps Your Local Economy


Everyone knows what it’s like to be new to the area. The locals know all the best restaurants, recreation venues, and stores.

It’s easy to avoid overpaying if you know where to go! But it’s difficult if you don’t know.

How do you learn about that small cozy diner? Some quality businesses still aren’t online -- they don’t need to be in order to be successful!

We wanted to replicate the experience of discovering local businesses. So we built a network to capture that word-of-mouth feeling. This network is comprised of our printed coupon books, companion mobile app, and online digital savings platform. Three awesome and easy ways to save you and your family thousands of dollars in your hometown, online and across the US!

Our coupon book and program don’t cost your local mom & pop merchants / stores any money -- they get free advertising and more traffic through our effort to offer you a great value.

Best of all, our coupon books directly benefit your local community as many of the books we sell are through fundraisers from local schools, sports teams, and community organizations that already make your town a great place to live.

Our offers wait for you until you’re ready to use them, and then they’re effortless. We wanted a process that’s simple from start to finish, whether you’re holding a book, printing a coupon online, or using your mobile device.

The holidays are a great time to shop local. This time of year, people set aside money for the things that matter: good food, personal gifts, and travel to see family & friends. Make that money go further with a SaveAround coupon book. You can save big on the purchases you’d already make at your favorite local, online and national businesses.

Happy Holidays from SaveAround!