Why Offering Savings Actually Helps Your Bottom Line

Inclusion in the SaveAround book and online/mobile savings platform is a synergistic effect. When your business does well, other businesses involved in the book also do well.

This means that you’re participating in a network where everyone wins.

Traditional advertising pushes customers toward the places that spend the most on advertising. Not only is traditional advertising extremely expensive, it often times fails completely and is extremely difficult to measure the results and impact it had on your business.

SaveAround runs counter to this a provides an innovative model for local and small businesses to get a better return. And considering it’s completely free to list your offers with SaveAround, any return you get is a huge advantage for little to no investment!

Additionally, the SaveAround program is 100% trackable so you know when it’s working. You and your team can simply collect our print/digital coupons which will give you clarity into how much business we’re driving your way.

Some merchants express concern that they can’t make money if they offer discounts. We understand the concern, but after decades in the business it simply doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

If you get even just 5% more traffic because of inclusion in our print and digital platforms, it more than compensates for any discount you honor for your new customers.

Many of our participating merchants see the best results for their bottom line when they offer 50% off or buy-one-get-one entrees! It’s counterintuitive, but the boost in traffic can pay dividends for weeks after the promotion ends.

Often, the limiting factor for your customers isn’t the price, it’s simply awareness of your business and experience with your quality. We solve both of those problems by getting people in the door and making them repeat customers. Especially for small businesses, repeat customer interaction has high potential.

So if your business is looking to reach new customers while building repeat patronage for FREE, SaveAround is one advertising avenue that you should definitely explore!

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